Sunday, October 12, 2008

Debate Dinner #2

The presidential debates were last Tuesday night. Here it is almost a week later and I'm still reeling with excitement. Okay, I admit not from the two candidates, old man river and 'that one', but from the spectacular eats I encountered that night. I learned a few things that night, but the one most pertinent to this blog: I make a damn fine sous chef! (That's me tooting my own horn. I have a knack for all things pastry, but prefer to have recipes when it comes to mealtime dishes.) Back to my sous chef excellence. I am a great and organized planner. I can anticipate the needs of others and have honed my ability for forethought. (The running a restaurant thing really helped me with that-specifically the catering part.)

Okay, enough about me. Now to JH's mad cooking skills. Brilliant! In just over 30 minutes we were able to plate up two huge plates of deliciousness. On the menu, angel hair pasta with a fabulous tomato garlic olive ragu, steamed mussels and clams. And the best brussels sprouts I've eaten (sauteed in garlic and pancetta). This was the most spectacular thing I have eaten in a looong time... until dessert anyway. :)

For dessert, I made an almond cream tart with peaches and rasperries. I made the almond cream from scratch, just like last time. Wooooweee that was good.

The meal was washed down with a glass of white wine, and opened by my new thrift store purchase (See top right of picture #1)! That's right, and automatic wine opener. $3.99. I think I'm in love!

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