Thursday, July 24, 2008

Salty Tarts and Fondant

Yesterday morning I baked a cake. This wasn't a cake to celebrate severing ties with Kowalski's (though very warranted). This was a cake for practice, so I used a boxed mix. This was a cake destined for Fondant! I've been hankering to learn how to do more with it because it seems really daunting. I think I learned the trick. Don't roll it out too thin or it won't hold it's shape. I don't think I'll post pictures of it as I only had a round cookie cutter for shapes. It looks very elementary...or perhaps rudimentary.

Without further ado... My experience at the Salty Tart!

I met up with head chef, Michelle at 7am today to do a working interview. First she gave a tour of their little 400 square foot space. I quickly oriented myself and began a task. First, to make almond cream tarts with raspberries. Then I moved onto making the Amish Cookie Dough. I then did a bunch of dishes and moved on to my last project. Some turnovers with our very own puff pastry (yay!). I diced some peaches and added some sugar and orange zest for the sweet ones. Then, I did some roasted garlic, spinach and feta turnovers for the savory ones. Michelle really likes the idea of savory items, hence the name, Salty Tart.

The three hours flew by. At the end of the shift, she commented on liking my work and wanted to know if I liked it there. (This was MY kind of place! --Very Classy) We talked about hours and monies and all that jazz. I have the inkling I'll hear from her this weekend and (hopefully) be offered the job.

Tonight Matt and I are going to hit up Mears park (weather willing) and see Jeremy Messersmith play live. At the market on my way home I got some fruits to snack on during out music picnic later. I'm going to go start up some cornmeal rolls. I made them a few months ago--those were gooood! Happy Birthday to LM, who will not receive a food-present, but a textile one instead.

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