Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lamb & Romesco

As I type this afternoon, I am having some difficulty. I have a rather large guest on my lap taking up valuable laptop space. His name is Lambert.

I am smitten with my Lamb.

Wednesday I hadn't made anything of note when I was phoned by my good friend (and frequent dinner guest/partner) SC. She had mentioned nonchalantly that she hadn't eaten yet. I offered to make her some fresh pasta and she obliged and headed over. I had no more roasted-garlic pesto in had as I had the previous time she'd been by for eats. I threw together a quick Romesco sauce. This sauce is made with various types of roasted peppers and toasted nuts. I made this with toasted almonds, red peppers a bit of crushed red pepper. I threw together some fresh egg/olive oil pasta and voila! Dinner in no time! SC was kind enough to bring over a few aged cheddars and a Gruyere - divine! We had a little side of steamed vegetables and a glass of white wine.

No dessert as we were plenty full of dinner!

Our other dinner guest, Gus, also approved.

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