Thursday, June 5, 2008


Tuesday I defrosted all of my chicken parts, went to the store to get some onions, and made about 2 gallons of chicken stock. Lambert was happy-he got a few livers out of the deal! Tuesday night I had a hankering to make something, so I tried my PB bars with a different kind of cereal. Of which, even combined with the original, I didn’t have enough. The result was still delectable but more PB sauce than previous batches.

Wednesday I made my own marshmallow fluff, then used it to make the filling for what I’m now lovingly calling Whoop-Dee-Doos (I changed my cake recipe and the frosting, mine now!). They are a circle of light chocolate cake with a vanilla fluff buttercream filling. To DIE for, and I don’t like cake!
I took two trays of goodies over to Encore, where mom works. The first, the PB bars – get them out of my house! And later in the day a few Whoop-Dee-Doos. I dropped those off and then went for a jog from Encore over to Stefs and then a jog back.

Later Wesnesday, I had the idea to make risotto. Silly me. A 9pm risotto challenge? But I had all of that fresh chicken stock! The finished product, Lemon Parmesan risotto was turned out at about 9:40pm and Roomie gave good marks.

I fed some of the WDDs and the Risotto to my Mom when she stopped by this morning. She commented pleasantly. Who says Risotto doesn’t keep!?

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