Monday, June 2, 2008

Your intestine is bigger than you're stomach.

Today's menu met it's match last night. Sunday afternoon tentatively, the menu was as follows:

Fresh Roman Tomato Salad
Guacamole Salad
Country Style Pork Ribs with Prune-infused BBQ.

Well. Gus, whom of I've spoken decided he wanted a treat of his own. Placed normally on the counter (out of reach) whereGus hasn't gotten to them, were the ingredients I needed for my yummy Monday Dinner (party).

We came home Sunday night to find NONE of the food still on the counter... and someone with w VERY grumbly tummy.

Gus ate:
THREE POUNDS of tomatoes,
Two unripe Bananas,
a whole avocado,
a package of graham crackers,
and one bag (which contained THIRTY servings) of prunes!

He was one unhappy camper.

Determined to use up these pork ribs, I went ahead (canceling the dinner party) and marinated them in my regular BBQ sauce. I also served Herb-Roasted Onions, nixing the Guac salad.

Turned out yum.

The dessert was a pool of pastry cream (left over from the dessert I made for the party Saturday, tons of fresh berries and orange slices, and a few baked pastry sticks, to soak up the cream.

GG and I watched both Kill Bill movies, which I'd never seen before. Not bad! :)

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