Friday, June 20, 2008

Muffin or Cupcake? +Interview

Thursday atarted off with trying out my new muffin recipe again. This time I made Mixed Berry-Coconut. I took some to my mom at work and she raved. Mom still swears, yet again, that she doesn't like coconut :P There's some debate on whether muffins should be called muffins if they have cupcake papers on them. Talk amongst yourselves :P

Yesterday I also had an interview at Kowalski's Grocer to work in their bakery department. long story short, they want me to be the bakery manager for their Eagan store, which is currently being built! How cool is that?! We'll see what happens, because in the meantime, until it's built, I'd most likely be working the 3am shift. NOT all.

The day ended with a grilled walleye sandwich at Tavern on Grand and some nauseating canoodling :D

Today, I have to do something with this mound of Basil. So when life gives you basil, you make pesto. I think I'll give some to GG's neightbor. Though appreciative of the birthday goodies, she is trying to eat healthy. I never am able to finish all the pesto in time anyway. I have fresh tomatoes, there's some chicken around here somewheres and cheese-o-plenty. I think I'll make pesto pizza tonight.

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