Monday, June 16, 2008

Wind-iferous Parties

Saturday I woke up and felt like baking. I wanted to see which would be better, My double streusel coffee cake or a NY style cumb cake. (Usually known by the Entinmenn brand). Having nostalgia for the latter and the no-fail recipe for the former I decided to engage in a test! The Crumb cake came out great and was to die for. However, I was super sad by the amount of butter in the recipe. The cake was slightly on the dry side and I was left with a 1/4 sheet of crumb cake! But not to worry, I planned to bring most of it--along with a bunch more curry chicken salad-- to my friend SC's Nursing School Graduation Party.

We had fun there, until it started Typhooning! We lost power and, like children, ended up telling ghost stories! We left at about 11 and I was TUCKERED out!

Ok so I lost track of my posting (I brought the peonies over to Grant's place on Sunday--oops! Cant remember EVERYTHING! :D)

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